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Satellite TV – Cable TV – And Digital Cable TV Services

As technology advanced, consumers can now have more options than they can ever have in the past to obtain TV entertainments. You have a choice between conventional (analog) Cable, Digital Cable, and all-Digital Satellite Television. This entire offer up to hundreds of TV programming – from sports to movies, MTV to documentary programs, News channel to TV shopping: you name it and will get it!

So here’s briefly introduction on these three TV entertainment services.

Satellite TV service

Satellite TV is the new comers in TV entertainment business. However they are growing fast and becoming more and more popular in the States. Dish Network and DirecTV are the major two satellite TV providers that you definitely will not feel stranger with.

Satellite TV services offer up to 200 plus programming choices with all digital quality. Their signal is transmit via an 18″ satellite dish pointing to the northern sky. Besides the satellite dish, users need to be equipped with satellite decoders as well as Television sets.

Conventional cable TV service (analogs)

Conventional Cable is by far the least advanced of the three and offers you the fewest features. Picture and audio quality comes in analog signal and the quality is much lower when compare to digital cable or satellite TV.

Digital cable TV service

In an effort to compete with Satellite television providers, most Cable companies are making a strong push to get their customers on their Digital systems. Digital Cable television has many advantages over conventional Cable, including high-speed internet access and video on demand, as well as hundreds of Cable channel choices.

Because of the land lines necessary to deliver and receive the Cable TV signal, there is a strong, well-established infrastructure to support the Cable system.

However, cable TV companies always face problem in promoting their service in rural area as there might not be enough (or no) access port. If you happened to live in one of these less populate area, your choice is minimum.

Comparing the cable TV to satellite TV

Recent customer surveys or consumer reports show satellite TV is offering better deals when compare with the cables. If you are aware of their services, you probably already knew that satellite TV offers a a lot more programming options in 100% digital picture quality, and their pricing is relative lower when compare to the cables. Some object such claims however as cable TV is still the most popular TV entertainment service in the states. On top of that, users normally get more conveniences with cable TV’s bundle package where they can get cable phone, Internet connections and TV entertainment in one single package.

Source by Teddy Low

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